Office hours -- June (1)

Join Us for This Monthly Insightful Session

With special guest, Or Amir, Product Manager at Kovrr, during which we will:

* Explore some of the top use cases for which our on-demand CRQ platform is utilized, walking through the specific features and how to leverage them for each of the use cases. These use cases include high-level communication and board reporting, insurance optimization, budgeting, and additional resource justification. 

* Conduct an interactive Q&A Session during which participants are welcome to ask for further explanation regarding the use cases and their CRQ facilitation. Participants are also welcome to ask any other questions they have related to cyber risk quantification and cyber risk management. 
Each Office Hours, Kovrr's CRO, Jack Freund, Ph.d., offers his insights into a component of our cyber risk quantification platform. In real-time, he explores the various features Kovrr's CRQ solution comes equipped with and offers practical advice for how to use the generated insights to craft a tailored cyber risk management strategy that not only mitigates risk but also aligns with broader business goals. At the end of the session, participants will have a clear understanding of how they can operationalize this innovative tool to help them achieve their cybersecurity goals. 

This month, Freund is joined by Or Amir, who has worked at Kovrr for more than five years and has helped onboard hundreds of customers working throughout multiple industries. Amir has extensive experience helping CISOs leverage the CRQ platform to facilitate high-end discussions and garner the necessary buy-in from stakeholders. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from both of these cyber risk quantification professionals about how this tool can transform the perception of cybersecurity from business drain to business enabler. 

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